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Pick up your smartphone and is more info:

Everyday life stands still. The streets are empty, squares are deserted, schools, daycare centres, kindergartens, restaurants, cinemas - everything is closed. Social life has come to a standstill, social contacts are forcibly reduced. Families spend time together, the children are at home and want to be kept busy. People are in quarantine and are not allowed to leave the house, the apartment. How do people cope with everyday life in a state of emergency?

Working life is also affected: Assembly lines and machines stop working, companies struggle to survive. Some are sitting in their home offices, others have short-time work and have to turn over every cent. In the clinics and nursing homes the state of emergency is managed, people fight day after day for the health and survival of others.
Corona has a firm grip on us, Corona has changed our lives.

We are two filmmakers from Diemelstadt, Germany ( and would like to combine all this into one or more filmic collages and ask you to take your mobile phone, your camera in your hand and film it for us:

Show us
- the empty streets and squares of your city
- how you cope with everyday life
- what gives you pleasure

What had you planned that could not take place after all? What do you finally have time for? What do you miss the most? What gives you hope? What frightens you? Tell us about your impressions and experiences.

Send us funny, sad, touching, outrageous, encouraging... and forward this appeal to friends, relatives and acquaintances all over the world

We are not pursuing any commercial interest. This film is intended to be a contemporary document and will be published on common online platforms such as youtube, facebook, instagram, etc. By sending us your recordings, you agree to their publication and grant us the right to edit, redesign or shorten the recorded material in whole or in part while respecting the (copyright) personal rights. You affirm that you own all rights to the image and that you have not violated anybody's rights to your own image.

As long as the world is in a state of emergency, the project will continue. Send us your material via (free of charge) and send a mail to us. If you want, give us your name and we will name you in the credits. We are looking forward to your recordings!

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